Want to take Taco Tuesday to the next level with an amazing party hack? You need some hot-sauce-in-your-bag-swag, a.k.a. Dippin’ Locos!

(Makes 5 servings)


Five 2 ½-cup servings of your favorite Dippin’ Chips (recipe used all five Dippin’ Chips flavors)
½ jicama, peeled, and cut into thin strips
½ papaya, peeled, seeded, and cut into thin strips
½ cucumber, peeled, and finely diced
1 small coconut, juice drained, peeled, and cut into thin strips
1 mango ripe, peeled, and cut into thin strips
1-cup of Japanese peanuts (up to 2 oz. per bag serving)
5-tsp tamarind candy “chaca-chaca tamarindo” (1-tsp per bag serving)
5-tsp Mexican chili pepper seasoning “Tajin” (1-tsp per bag serving)
10-tsp salsa picante “Valentina” (2-tbsp per bag serving)
5-tsp lime juice (1-tsp per bag serving)
10-tbsp Mexican chamoy sauce (2-tbsp per bag serving)


1. Carefully open chip bag from top and empty chips into a small-medium bowl.
2. Cut chip bag in half using scissors and dispose of top bag layer.
3. Use the bottom chip bag as a bowl and grab a handful of chips (a little over 1-cup) and place them back inside the bag.
4. Add a few strips of jicama, papaya, diced cucumber, coconut and mango strips.
5. Add remaining chips to bag.
6. Repeat step #4
7. Add Japanese peanuts.
8. Add tamarind candy.
9. Add Tajin.
10. Add Valentina salsa picante.
11. Add lime juice.
12. Add Mexican Chamoy.
13. Repeat process for all five chip bags. Serve and enjoy immediately!