NEW YORK – It was a typical scene during the national anthem at Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The crowd in a frenzy. John Amirante bellowing each line. And a man in a snack food jersey seated along the glass.

Via @SensChirp – Check out the shirt on the guy sitting in front row. New low in stealth marketing?

— Ian Mendes (@ian_mendes) May 26, 2014

Ian Mendes wondered if it was a new low in stealth marketing. The dude wearing it admits it’s gloriously shameless.

Aldo Zuppichini is the owner of Party‘tizers, which makes the Dippin Chips jerseys seen here:


He’s been a New York Rangers season ticket holder for 30 years, and began wearing his set of three jerseys – for each flavor! – to the games last season.

Each time his sweater (short-sleeved as it is) appears on television during the anthem, he said he’s inundated with tweets and texts. Which makes sense, because usually one expects to see a bunch of chips and salsa on the chest of a hockey fan after the third beer.

Zuppichini said he hasn’t given one of his jerseys to a Rangers player yet. We suggested trying to convince them it was for a minor league affiliate in Idaho.